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OnTheRun currently has two Breakfast Cereals – Crunchy Granola and 5 Grain Cereal. Both options
are All-natural, contain No Added Sugar, No Preservatives and are Clean Label products.

What is 5 Grain Cereal?

India’s first 5 Grain Cereal is composed of 5 indigenous grains – Jowar, Amaranth, Wheat, Rice and
Ragi, that are puffed to perfection and sweetened with Iron-rich Kakvi (liquid Jaggery). It is a
functional food that can be eaten with cold milk, cream, yoghurt or even plain.

What is Crunchy Granola?

It is a portion-controlled, ready-to-eat cup that is nutrient dense and perfect for the Everyday
Athlete. It is rich in Protein and is composed of Oats, Ragi Puffs, Roasted Almonds, Watermelon
Seeds, Honey and Molasses.

What sets our breakfast cereal apart?

Both our Cereals are unique because they are sweetened with Iron-rich Kakvi. It is all natural and
makes the breakfast portion more nutritious.

How to Buy Cereal?

You can order online with just a few clicks and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

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