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5 Grain Cereal Plant Protein Large


  • India’s first and only 5 Grain Cereal fortified with Plant Protein!
  • Benefit from the combined power of 5 ancient grains – Jowar, Finger Millet, Wheat, Amaranth and Rice.
  • Loaded with Iron, Calcium & Fiber with extra Protein.
  • Sweetened naturally with Kakvi (liquid Jaggery) from Maharashtra.
  • Good for athletes, fitness enthusiasts or anyone who prefers a breakfast that is rich in Protein.

Ingredients: Puffed: Sorghum, Wheat, Ragi, Finger Millet, Rice, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Kakvi (Liquid Jaggery)

NET WT : 470 g

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Cornflakes are NOT the only breakfast cereal option! Try this innovative product and redefine your idea of what breakfast cereal “should” be. Add milk and savor each crunchy bite! Rich in protein, iron, and calcium - this breakfast is exactly what your mind and body needs to make the most of everyday. First of its kind cereal made from ancient grains Puffed to Perfection and sweetened with Iron-rich Kakvi! It will change your idea of a cereal!


Benefit from:

Protein, Iron, Calcium & Fiber


Enjoy as:

A wholesome breakfast for the family


Loved by:

Everyone who has a bite


Nutrients Per 50 g Value Unit
Total Energy 250 Kcal
Carbohydrates 18.8 grams
Proteins 07.7 grams
Fats 16.4 grams


Handful of Health!


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