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Crunchy Granola (Pack of 4)


Now that we’ve already caught your attention with the words “crunchy” and “Granola”, we’re here to tell you that this nutrition-dense breakfast cup is the best decision you will make. It’s portion controlled, can be carried with you and is high in protein.
Ingredients: Oats, Ragi Puffs, Roasted Almonds, Watermelon Seeds, Honey and Molasses

You may have a million things on your mind, let worrying about breakfast not be one of them. Grab our ready-to-eat cup, add some milk or yogurt and you’re good to go. Rich in protein and iron - this breakfast cup will never let you down. Loaded with Calcium-rich Ragi and Protein-rich Almonds, it is a satiating meal in a cup. Oats and Molasses come together to deliver sustained energy and a delicious taste. Your search for the perfect breakfast ends here. Carpe Diem !


Benefit from:

Protein, Iron, Convenience


Enjoyed as:

The ideal breakfast


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Nutrients Per 100 g Value Unit
Total Energy 487 Kcal
Carbohydrates 61 grams
Proteins 14 grams
Fats 21 grams


Balanced to perfection - this breakfast cup checks all the boxes of nutrition, taste and convenience.

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This is a great concept, that can be eaten on the Go or carried along in your bag. Just add Milk/flavoured curd and eat from the same cup. Very convenient and healthy too.

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