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OntheRun Energy Bars are portion-controlled, conveniently packaged, delicious and made for everyday athletes; mothers  looking for healthy products for children, students and working professionals. OnTheRun energy bars come in 4 unique flavours and deliver positive nutrition with every bite.

What are Energy Bars?

Best described as nutrition powerhouse that can be carried along and consumed on the go,  is portion-controlled, rich in Fiber, Protein, Good Fats, Antioxidants and more.

Why are our Energy bars good for you?

OnTheRun bars have No Added Sugar, No Preservatives, are made from all natural indigenous ingredients. Ours are recipes that are kitchen-crafted first and then productised. We make sure every flavour has different ingredients in it and is delicious!  Benefit from a diverse range of wholesome ingredients like Dry fruits, Nuts, Indian herbs like Ashwagandha & ginger, Millets and more.

What is the best time to eat them?

As such it can be consumed any time of the day.  Perfect for an urban athlete who is always on-the-go. Can be Eaten in the morning to fuel your day, in between two meals or even as a dessert. These are functional foods offering micronutrients that are essential for our body

How many flavours does OnTheRun have?

You can find 4 unique flavours at OnTheRun – Oats and Apricot Energy Bars, Fig & Date Vegan Bars, Choco Crunch Bars, Hazelnut Energy Bars and an Assorted Box  containing all the flavours. Order our Energy Bars online and get delivery straight to your doorsteps.

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