Supergrain Pops

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Corn and Rice Supergrain PopCorn and Rice
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Finger Millet and RiceFinger Millet and Rice
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Sorghum & RiceSorghum & Rice
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Supergrain Pops Variety Pack of 3

Protein-rich functional foods that are made with grains and popped to perfection. The ideal low fat,
gluten free snacks for a movie night, party or late night spent working. Benefit from nutrition with
every bite.

What is Supergrain Pops made out of?

Supergrain Pops by OnTheRun are made with All Natural, Clean Label ingredients like finger millets,
corn, rice, sorghum, green gram, sesame, turmeric, tamarind and more. Not only are they healthy
for you, they have immunity boosting properties too.

Where can I have the best Supergrain Pops?

The best Supergrain Pops can be found at OnTheRun. We have 3 flavours – Corn & Rice, Finger Millet
& Rice, Sorghum & Rice and one Assorted Pack of all three flavours.

Does Supergrain Pops have any preservatives?

Supergrain Pops have No Preservatives or artificial flavouring. They are 100 percent natural.

Where to buy Supergrain Pops?

Supergrain Pops can be purchased online and they are then delivered to your doorsteps.

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