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Indian Masala Trail MixIndian Masala
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Orange Pepper Trail MixOrange Pepper Trail Mix
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Peri Peri Trail MixPeri Peri Trail Mix
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Thai Chilli Trail Mixontherun - trail mix thai chili - back

Healthful snacks that go beyond just fruits and nuts. Enjoy this mix of all-natural, portion controlled,
clean label snacks anytime, anywhere. They are conveniently packaged and packed with wholesome
ingredients and nutrition.

What are the ingredients in Trail Mix?

You can find dried fruits, nuts, seeds, dates, raisins, berries, mouth-watering seasoning and more.
Benefit from the nutrition in every ingredient like Protein, Calcium and Good Fats.

How many flavours of Trail Mix are at OnTheRun?

OnTheRun has 4 unique flavours of Trail Mix – Orange & Pepper, Indian Masala, Thai Chili and Peri

When is the best time to eat Trail Mix?

These 100 percent natural snacks can be eaten anytime you have hunger pangs. Instead of reaching
for junk food, stock up on Trail Mix and enjoy something that tastes and feels even better.

Where to purchase Trail Mix?

All 4 flavours of Trail Mix can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep.

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