Indian Masala (Pack of 6)


Staying true to our roots we have combined everyday peanuts roasted to perfection with protein-rich chickpeas and flavoured with aromatic cumin and turmeric. A healthy snack is a right balance of protein and good carbs. This Trail Mix gets its good carbs from golden raisins and black raisins. So authentic that you will wonder if it was just whipped up in the kitchen.
Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts, Roasted Chickpeas, Black Raisins, Indian Masala Seasoning
Gluten Free, No Preservatives, No Added Sugar, Portion-Controlled


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The quintessential Indian snack made healthy! Open up a pack with the family, sip on some chai and bite into utter mouth-watering goodness. You can even carry it along on a long day of shopping or errands. Tastes completely home-cooked and adds the much needed balance of nutrition with ingredients like chickpeas and raisins.


Benefit from:
Protein, Iron & Good Fats


Enjoy as:
Tea-time or movie time snack


Loved by:
All ages alike


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Know what a “homely” snack truly means. Relish the Indian Masalas you’ve had all your life with the promise of nutrition and health!


Nutrients Value Unit
Total Energy 132 Kcal
Carbohydrates 17 grams
Proteins 4 grams
Fats 5 grams