5 Grain Cereal Large Original


  • India’s first and only 5 Grain Cereal.
  • Benefit from the combined power of 5 ancient grains – Jowar, Finger Millet, Wheat, Amaranth and Rice.
  • Loaded with Protein, Iron, Calcium & Fiber.
  • Sweetened naturally with Kakvi (liquid Jaggery) from Maharashtra.
  • Do away with processed cereals and go for a more wholesome breakfast.
  • Healthier days are finally here!

Ingredients: Puffed: Sorghum, Wheat, Ragi, Finger Millet, Rice, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Kakvi (Liquid Jaggery)

NET WT : 470 g

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Cornflakes are NOT the only breakfast cereal option! Try this innovative product and redefine your idea of what breakfast cereal “should” be. Add milk and savor each crunchy bite! Rich in protein, iron, and calcium - this breakfast is exactly what your mind and body needs to make the most of everyday. First of its kind cereal made from ancient grains Puffed to Perfection and sweetened with Iron-rich Kakvi! It will change your idea of a cereal!


Benefit from:

Protein, Iron, Calcium & Fiber


Enjoy as:

A wholesome breakfast for the family


Loved by:

Everyone who has a bite


Nutrients Per 50 g Value Unit
Total Energy 250 Kcal
Carbohydrates 18.8 grams
Proteins 07.7 grams
Fats 16.4 grams


Handful of Health!

11 reviews for 5 Grain Cereal Large Original

The 5 Grain Cereal is delicious. The best cereal I have had so far. Perfectly crunchy and sweet. It’s so good that I even wanted to have it after dinner as a dessert. I think it’s going to be my anytime snack.

Healthy as well as relish

(verified owner)

Glad that it’s so Indian, AND fits in a modern kitchen perfectly.

(verified owner)

As a parent of teens, I am always struggling to feed healthy food to my kids who always turn up their nose to anything remotely “healthy”. I say sprouts, they say chocolate. I say fruits, they say fries. You get my drift. Cereal is a common love for both my kids, and I always cringe when I am forced to buy sugar laden, processed cereal boxes for my kids. On the run 5 grain cereal is a blessing for parents like me. Kids love the fact that it tastes like caramel popcorn and I love the fact that they are eating nutritious grains and kakvi. Breakfast (or any mid day snack) has become a happy time since we discovered this. Highly recommend it to any one like me who struggles with kids asking for many round meals in between their square meals!

I am already on Box # 2. The puffed sorghum coated with Kakvi was a healthy replacement for caramel popcorn, for the kids. The first box was eaten as a snack rather than a cereal. This tastes amazing as a ‘anytime’ snack or a breakfast cereal with milk. Amazing product and a good change from the regular cereals. I have already added Box No 3 along with my regular purchase of Trail mixes and Energy bars.

Amazing option for a healthy breakfast and snacks. It is so healthy and delicious. Through this one bowl, I am intaking all the cereals. It is so important for us to follow a healthy lifestyle. And I think, because of the 5 Grain Cereal, I am definitely doing that in such a reasonable price. So happy! 🙂

The 5 Grain Cereal is perfect for breakfast as well as for evening hunger pangs. I absolutely love the taste- it is equally tasty and healthy.
And as a fitness enthusiast I keep looking for healthy eating stuff and I’ve found one for me. There’s no going back to anything else now.

I loved it very much. It was just perfect for both breakfast and brunch also. Taste was good and affordable in price. It’s a must try product. Many health benefits with lots of nutrients.

Totally loved the 5 grain cereal . Perfect for breakfast or even an evening snack. The best thing about it is that it is healthy and tasty . Filled with proteins and goodness. I have been having this since a week and I am really enjoying it.
Highly recommend

I was looking for some healthy snack options especially for my 3pm mealtime. Luckily, I came across this 5-grain cereal pack from OnTheRun, which is not only healthy but delicious too. It’s all natural, preservative free!
The best part is you can have it with milk or as is. I liked that it’s crunchy and is just perfect for those small hunger pangs. If you are a mom on the run like me this is a great option to consider while travelling too. Can be given to your child without hesitation, since it’s made up of Ragi, Jowar, Amaranth, Rice, Pumpkin & sunflower seeds all mixed in jaggery syrup which gives it natural sweetness & crunch. Do try out and thank me later!

I ordered On The Run Assorted Bars and 5 Grain Cereal. Both are just perfect , they taste amazing and are a great breakfast option ! Obsessed with 5 grain cereal – with perfect sweetness and crunch. My favourite bar is the Apricot one ! Preservative and Gluten free ? It’s a must buy , great addition !

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