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Overnight Oats (Pack of 4)


  • More protein than most grains (5g per serving).
  • Rich source of fiber, which helps you feel fuller longer (4g per serving).
  • Chia, Basil, watermelon and Pumpkin seeds high in antioxidants and Omega 3
  • Can help you lose weight by making you feel more full and slowing down the emptying of your stomach.

Ingredients: Oats, Almonds, Figs, Apricot, Dates, Basil Seeds, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Watermelon seeds, Pumpkin Seeds.

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Oats is not really a very Indian thing! And much as we all have accepted that they are good for health, we haven’t really warmed up to the idea of a oat porridge in the morning! Besides cooking that makes it even more discouraging,

But what if we give you a no-cook and super tasty way of eating oats. Oats that sleeps at night and in the morning it is right! Our portion controlled Overnight oats with seeds, nuts, dry fruits in a take away cup makes life easy!

You need not measure how much of those 15 ingredients you need to make a tasty and calorie measured breakfast.
You only need to open the seal, pour milk or milk alternative at night, put back the lid and pick up the cup in the morning. If you forget in night, no worries, 2 hours is all it needs to turn into a delicious and healthy take away breakfast cup.


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