Crunchy Granola (Pack of 4)

Crunchy Granola (Pack of 4)


Crunchy Granola
Made from rolled Oats, Millet Puffs, Indian Molasses and Roasted Almonds, it is a portion controlled breakfast cup. Rich in protein and Iron, the cup is easy to carry anywhere. Be it a rushed morning, or a drive to the office or sitting on your desk. Just remove the seal, add milk or yogurt and you are good to go. Life is busy, make breakfast easy!

Oats,Ragi Puffs, Roasted Almonds, Watermelon seeds, Canola Oil, Honey and Molasses


Nutrients Value Unit
Total Energy 292 Kcal
Carbohydrates 37 grams
Proteins 8 grams
Fats 13 grams