Testimony from First British woman to complete the Race Across America solo

“I was lucky enough to be introduced to On The Run bars during a trip to India in 2014. Since then I’ve been using the Fig & Date, Oats & Apricot, Prune & Raisin and Hazelnut Magic bars in training for long distances and endurance cycle racing. The attraction for me is the natural ingredients, perfect nutritional balance for my sport and a great size for eating on the go. My favourite is the Prune & Raisin – beautifully moist, with the taste of traditional British Christmas Pudding. It’s a pleasure to eat on a ride, not just a way of fuelling exercise. On The Run supported me during the 3000 mile Race Across America in 2015 and the bars were an excellent addition to our nutrition strategy.
– Shusanah Pillinger


UltraSwimmer | UltraCyclist | UltraRunner | UltraTraveller

Successfully completed the race across america 2015 in a time of 12 days 9 hours and 14 minutes to become the first British woman to do so, and the 37th woman ever.

Ashok Captain

Testimony from Ashok Captain multiple national cyclist champion on both road and track (between 1983-1989) won the Mumbai-Pune twice (including the King of the Ghats title twice), and the Mumbai-Nashik (along with the Ghat title).

“Don’t take my word for it, try ‘em and decide for yourself.

Despite their name, On the Run bars are also brilliant for cycling and expeditions. They taste great, contain real food and they are disgustingly healthy and have a decent shelf life.

I’ve tested/ tasted these in extreme temperatures – from ‘baked by basalt’ Indian summer (at least 42 degrees C) to extreme cold at altitude (Khardungla). I once force-fed them to a cyclist who finally summited the great Khardungla Pass.

The prune and raisin bars stay soft even above the snow line. The oatmeal n apricot are great for ‘filling up’/ warding off hunger. The others are yummy, but I’ve not field tested them, just eaten them in civilised surroundings!

Apart from competition use, OTR bars make great gifts for festive occasions (pro tip – gift a mixed box).

Disclaimer – though no animals were harmed during the testing of these bars, this human (?) was involved in taste tests right from the very beginning.

– Ashok Captain


Ashok Captain was a multiple national champion on both road and track (between 1983-1989), won the Mumbai-Pune twice (including the King of the Ghats title twice), and the Mumbai-Nashik (along with the Ghat title). Along with 5 others he represented India at the World Professional Cycling Championships (1985) and in his own words “got clobbered”. He also was a part of a team that won the Open category of the Enduro3 adventure race in 2013. In his retirement he took to traumatising folks into completing the Manali-Leh bike ride. He also loves junk food and getting him to switch to OTR bars is a great achievement on our part!!!

OnTheRun - Testimonials - Erica Ley

Testimony from Erica Ley a Critical Care Paramedic at the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services in UK (HEMS). She is an avid traveller and has her interests in sports and expedition.

“I was first introduced to On The Run bars in 2014 during my first duty as a medic for a British cyclist competing in Race Across America. In our 2015 attempt On The Run bars were used by both the crew and the rider as part of our daily strategy to keep hunger at bay.

They are an excellent source of nutritional goodness and taste fantastic! I have since been using all varieties during my working and sporting life. The soft and easy-to-eat Fig and Date and Prune and Raisin, are an excellent source of energy for keeping in my fight suit pocket during emergency calls as they don’t melt and are a fantastic size for eating whilst on the go.

The Ginger Crunch and Caffeine Rush get me through my long night shifts and offer a firmer, more robust texture. They are now part of my staple diet during any sport event!

– Erica Ley


Erica is a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Critical Care Paramedic. She has worked for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust for the last two years. She is also a Hazardous Area Response Paramedic based in Cambridgeshire.She holds a BSc (Hons) in Paramedic Science and has almost completed a MSc in Advanced Paramedic Practice in Critical Care.