Supergrain Pops Variety Pack (Pack of 3)

Supergrain Pops Variety Pack (Pack of 3)


Chit Chat Crunchy Supergrain Pops! Try all 3 flavors. A perfect quick grab for team outing and get togethers. Mindful snacking which is so much fun!

Not Baked, Not Fried- Just Popped!

• Rich in Fibre, Calcium and Antioxidants
• Low Fat
• Gluten Free
• 11% Protein

• Sorghum & Rice- Rice, sorghum, chilli flakes, garlic with Himalayan pink salt
• Corn & Rice- Corn, Green Gram, Himalayan Pink Salt, Black Sesame and Rice
• Millet & Rice- Finger millet, rice, Himalayan pink salt, turmeric, tamarind and black pepper


Nutrients Value Unit
Total Energy 373 Kcal
Carbohydrates 77 grams
Proteins 11 grams
Fats 2 grams