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Wellness Hamper


  • The hamper includes energy bars that are made from all-natural ingredients with the benefits of nuts, vitamins, and iron. With No Added Sugar or Preservatives.
  • Healthy bites that have No Added Sugar, No Preservatives and are Gluten-free. Perfect in its size and nutrition, easy to carry in your bag while travelling.
  • Assorted refreshing Qahwa green tea sachets with herbs & spices from Arbor Treat
  • Coconut jaggery powder is loaded with health benefits and is full of nutrients.
  • This Hamper comes with 2 beautiful Handcrafted Diyas to be used for Diwali decoration and a personalised Gift Card!

What you get:

  • 6 Pocket Rocket Coffee Bites.
  • 6 Tea Bites with refreshing flavour
  • 4 Delicious Energy bars
  • 4 Qahwa green tea sachets from Arbor Treat
  • 1 Packet of Coconut jaggery powder

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