Snackification: a trend that goes really well with our modern, busy lifestyles... Where we are constantly on-the-go and need to keep refueling.
Are you the type to keep visiting the kitchen to munch on something? Or opening the refrigerator for a bite or two? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! In fact, you may be on to something

Eating well and eating on time meant everything. It was said to decrease the chances of acidity, weight gain, and other stomach issues. At least, this is what our parents have told us time and again.

But the millennial’s always have another plan. While 3 square meals a day might have been more suitable for the older generation, millennial’s tend to have a more fluid lifestyle. And so we need eating habits to match! This need is what, I believe, led to this new trend called “snackification”.

ONTHERUN Assorted Energy Bars
Quick bites for fast times

If you’re reading this, you might be accustomed to eating little and often and may be curious as to what effects it may have.You may even have held back thinking: it’s time for the next meal, I shouldn’t fill myself up. But you shouldn’t worry about that! In fact, many dieticians have started suggesting it as a way to stay healthy and lose weight, in the past couple of years. And apart from the “diet” part of it, you have to agree that it goes really well with our modern, busy lifestyles… Where we are constantly on-the-go and need to keep refueling.

Snackification : The Food Trend That’s Here To Stay!
Foods that match the pace of your lifestyle

Sometimes, these snack periods are the perfect breaks from work too! If you are one of those who eat multiple small meals a day, you would know that it’s so much more satisfying and one feels much lighter and energized; especially when, what you’re eating is nutritious and wholesome.

And there comes the challenge, With our urban lifestyles, we can’t afford to spend so much time in the kitchen cooking something new once every few hours. Something accessible, tasty, convenient and healthy to munch should be at hand.

Crunchy Granola
Always helps to have something healthy around
How to choose a small meal? The line “Health bhi taste bhi’ is the perfect solution to this conundrum. Choose products that are portion controlled, have No Sugar, and are made with indigenous ingredients. Just like they tell us to eat a variety of vegetables, the snacks too should have a wide range of ingredients. Indian culinary heritage is diverse with grains, spices, dry fruits, cereals. Choose products that combine these while still satisfying your taste buds. Read the label always and Know what you are eating! Happy snacking!

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