OnTheRun - Energy Bars - Shilpa Phadke_Director

7 years back I ventured into running and cycling, a sport that I always loved but had taken a backseat in the routine life. Germ for a healthy food bar was dug on one of those countless bike rides and runs. While spending more and more of the time in the outdoors I realised that one needs to eat something that was easy to carry and yet gave lasting energy. Today, one is spoiled for choice when it comes to fast sports food. There are gels, protein bars, powders, energy drinks and the list goes on! I obviously used these for the long workouts and for my first marathon. Marathon was done, but the feeling that it left in stomach was not a very happy one! This is when I started to think of a substitute that I can use without giving in to the chemical sugars! Soon I realized that I wasn’t alone and there are many others who would be glad to have a more natural option.
I was and I AM a firm believer that it is possible to get good nutrition from natural foods without supplements and additives which have both long term and short term side effects. This led me to study nutritional requirements for various activities (not just sports), consulting doctors and nutritionist, sports personnel and athletes. I wanted to add quality, healthy ingredients for the heart, muscles, stomach, and mind. I also wanted to be putting something into my body that I was familiar with and connected to and is locally made. After all, ‘Make in India’ is the order of the day! That’s how recipes were created, tried on various friends and family to get feedback. The feedback was consistently positive; and it was not just from people who are into sports or outdoor but also from people who would want to eat a healthy snack.

A year spent in trials, lab testing for the nutritional profile of the bars, another year to run a prototype and of course giving up job of 21 years is all it took to get this started! Our Vision for our products is “real food for real life”. We Promise to keep it natural and we are committed to keep it interesting through the newer products.