Whole Is Much Greater Than Sum Of Its Parts

Whole is much greater than sum of its parts

First coined by the philosopher Aristotle, this phrase aptly defines the concept of synergy and it cannot be truer when it comes to food, the whole food that is!

Dr Allen Lim (Author of “feed zone portables” and “feed zone cookbook”) says:

“Reading a nutrition label isn’t just about identifying the calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins anymore; it’s a minefield that we creep across hoping that we won’t step on an ingredient that explodes in our gut or that, even worse, prematurely kills us”

It is that serious, to be able to understand what we eat when it comes to packaged foods. Obviously it is not easy to find a packaged food, which has a right balance of calories and water content and nutrition and most importantly does NOT have ingredients that need a chemical engineering degree to understand! Best strategy to adopt would be to choose a product that has minimal number of ingredients, preferably the real food that you recognize.

It is important to remember that we eat to nourish ourselves, food necessary for our growth, health, good condition and happiness. As such may be two bowls of sugar would fulfill the caloric needs for a day, but that won’t be nourishment! That brings us back to whole foods!

By definition, whole foods are the ones which are not processed and do not contain any added sugar, salt or fat. Practically speaking, that is a hard one to find, unless each and every meal of yours is homemade. Add to that the tall claims and promises of good health, enhanced performance, fortified with Vitamins that the packaged foods come with!

One will do well by just remembering Aristotle!!

For example, Milk is good in itself, but removing all the fat and the protein and calcium to make it fat free and THEN fortifying it with calcium and Vitamin D does not make it “whole”. The same goes with the grains, which need to be fortified by adding external fiber! Hell!! What happened to the fiber that was part and parcel of the grain!!!

Ponder when choosing your food! Choose Wise! Eat right Eat Smart!