#readthelabel – Watch out for TRANS FAT & Stay away from heart diseases !

#readthelabel – Watch out for TRANS FAT & Stay away from heart diseases !

Want to stay away from heart diseases? First – #readthelabel!  You will know what you eat and are more likely to make healthy food choices. You can then avoid harmful ingredients such as trans-fat! Trans fats are directly linked to several heart diseases.

Trans Fat is usually listed as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in the Ingredients list. Trans fats are formed during the process of converting liquid oils into solid fats such as shortening and stick margarine. Why are they present in many packaged products? Trans Fats preserve the texture and form of packaged food. But the same trans fats are directly linked to deadly heart diseases!

On The Run is talking to consumers as a part of our campaign – #readthelabel. During this campaign, Pallav Patankar, a healthcare professional told us why he watches for trans fats:


Example – Pop Corn Label

Last time you picked up some pop corn – yes the seemingly benign popcorn – did you #readthelabel? What were the ingredients? I bet most of you don’t know that.

Just review the two popcorn labels below. Label 1 has no saturated fat content, where as label 2 shows ingredient list with partially hydrogenated soyabean oil which is TRANS FAT. Also have a look at the percentage of total fat on both the labels and make an informed decision!



For more information, check out the references shared below. And most importantly – #readthelabel on any packaged food you pick up!