Looking Good, Feeling Fab – INDIA TODAY Cover Story – 15th January 2016

Think ‪Energy Bars are for Fitness Freaks? Think Again !! Hot of the Press, Cover Story in India Today – 15th January 2016

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Ontherun - India Today

From anti gravity yoga and herbal beauty potions, to guilt free snacking, Pune’s wellness experts are keeping people looking and feeling fit and fabulous.

January 15, 2016 | By Aditi Pai | =

Healthy Bite / On the run

One would think that energy bar makers would target fitness freaks instead of female corporate professionals and homemakers as their prime audience. But Shilpa Phadke, 45, founder of On The Run, a year-old health bar brand from Pune, thinks differently.

“Women usually think of their family’s diet and often neglect their own,” she says. What’s special about her bars, is that only natural product like nuts and dried fruits-figs, raisins, dates and prunes that are “fibrous and high on energy” are used without any artificial additives. The brand was influenced by her personal experience and a need for healthy mid-day snacks. “We often snack on samosas and biscuits while clocking late hours at the desk. An energy bar is a healthy option instead and helps maintain your sugar levels,” she says. An avid cyclist and long distance runner, Phadke wanted to marry her passion for food and fitness. A corporate professional with 20 years of experience, Phadke started developing energy bars in 2012 and launched her range of six variants in January last year.

Health Treats On The Run bars offer something for every palate-if figs and raisins tempt those with a sweet tooth, she’s got one with ginger and caffeine for people who need an instant energy rush after a session at the gym. For all three seasons of the Pune Running Beyond Myself race, Phadke urges people to bring in some form of fitness into their lifestyle. “Even 45 minutes of exercise goes a long way in keeping us healthy,” she says.