Punekars! – A Quick Getaway to Lonavla – Aamby Valley Scenic Ride

In our last post, we shared a recipe for a power-packed Fruity Spinach Salad. We follow that post with a recipe for starting a refreshing weekend! And what’s better – it comes directly from two On The Run-ners like you! Girish Gogate and Neeraj Apte share one of their favorite biking routes near Pune.


OnTheRun - Quick Ride to Lonavla

The cousin-duo Girish and Neeraj are both into physical activity ranging from hiking, sports and biking. What drives their interest is simply the joy of being outdoors rather than a competitive spirit. So they like to keep things at a casual, enjoyable level rather than making it intensive. Last but not least, both are fans of On The Run products! Neeraj particularly liked the taste of the Caffeine Rush energy bars – a recent addition to the flavors.

So let’s hear what they have to share about this quick getaway near Pune!

Why this Biking Get-Away?

  • Perfect way to start the weekend – Be done with the route by 10 am on a Saturday.
  • Convenient parking, not at all crowded.
  • Scenic in winters and monsoon so many months of the year.
  • No worries about a flat – the road is well-maintained, pretty safe for a road bike.


Distance: 50 kms (25 km one way)

Time it took: 3 hrs

Level: Moderate difficulty due to the incline – not suitable for first timers

Lonavla to Amby Valley



The Schedule (In Winters)

  • 5am: start drive from Pune
  • 6am: Reach Lonavla – Park and get ready
  • 06:15am – 6.30 am: Start biking!
  • 7:30am: Gorgeous view and hot chai at Lion’s point!
  • 08:30am: Pictures at Aamby Valley entrance, start return journey. For the curious, no you can’t enter as a casual visitor. Remember, this is not a destination, it’s the journey you’ll enjoy!

Other Tips

  • Safety – Don’t forget your tail lights – lots of winding single-lane roads and sharp turns
  • Lots of stalls on the way for buying water if you don’t want to carry your own
  • Start early so you can enjoy Sun rise, beat the crowd and the heat if it’s summer
  • Lots of parking space once you turn left from Mumbai-Pune road at Lonavla towards Aamby Valley – in the first 100-200 meters
  • Level: Moderate difficulty due to the incline – not suitable for first timers