Caffeine Rush (Box of 6)

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Caffeine Rush (Box of 6)


Feel that rush for caffeine, get it with our caffeine bar. Goodness of cocoa combined with double shot espresso will give you the kick of energy. The unusual ingredient here is Watermelon seeds. Watermelon seeds are very high in protein, The protein in watermelon seeds consists of several amino acids, one of which is arginine. These seeds are rich in magnesium and the best part is “Watermelon Seeds are low in fat content.”

  • Working late and feeling sleepy. This is the bar with all goodness of coffee and yet nutritious.
  • Cocoa and double espresso gives you a boost of energy.
  • Use it for those long working hours or for staying awake for studies or for that kick during a sport. With no added sugar, one can stay awake without the usual empty calorie drinks.
  • Contains Sugar.


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